What we do

Stichting Floresti is an in the Netherlands registered foundation and is helping people with money for food, medical support and clothes. At this moment we are supporting two families in Romania.

Now we have urgent problems with the father of one of the families, because he is suffering from cancer. He has already had chemo from July till December last year, and from January till February of this year he had radiation therapy. After ending the radiation the cancer was reduced but not far enough for a direct operation. At this moment he still receives chemo to reduce the cancer further and enable an operation.

He is in desperate need of the operation and must keep a diet.

The father has not only problem with the cancer but also problems walking and therefore is not able to work. This family does not have enough means for food, living etc. The income of the family is about 150 till 200 euros per month. (The price level in Romania is about the same as in Western European countries). The cost for electricity, gas, internet and water is about 110 euros/month. 

We like to create a situation in which this family is helped in a way that they have the possibility to lead a healthy life. The father might be able to work a little bit if he has a computer so that he can do work with internet, in a way that the family can become independent. If there is someone who has a computer which is good for working with internet (facebook, social media, websites) and using word, that would be nice. A nice secondhand computer would be good; we can provide the address to send it directly to the family.

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